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Ashbury Sale Suite with SJB and Coronation

Ashbury Sale Suite with SJB and Coronation

Location: Ashbury Architects: SJB Scale: 1:200

Coronation Property’s latest development for the suburb of Ashbury saw them team up with the architects at SJB to design a collection of 59 terrace garden homes and exclusive penthouses. Responding to the heritage listed context of Ashbury the architecture utilises classic brick facades paired with contemporary design elements.

Terraces positioned throughout the site are positioned around a central garden which is the heart of the project. The physical model for the project was to be a gigantic centrepiece to the sales suite, taking approximately 9 square metres of space and sitting on a large walnut plinth with custom downlighting to complement it. Contoured plywood was used to capture the vastness of the land area and the neighbouring WH Wagener Oval.

The buildings were made in plastic and painted in the proposed finishing tones of the architecture. The size of the model allowed buyers to walk around the table edge to get a sense of the community being proposed within the development and understand its access and proximity to local amenities.

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