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Architectural presentations with models can be a critical factor in establishing enthusiasm and trust with your clients. Often as architects, we can get very invested in our drawing style, spending large amounts of time refining diagrams and orthographics that can unfortunately mean very little to clients. A physical model in a presentation can be an invaluable talking point to get a client’s head into the design and spark a sense of enthusiasm and excitement about what is on the horizon. Being able to pick up an object, work with it, or even take it home to ponder, can spark interest, ideas and conversations about the design that can be extremely helpful towards the overall outcome. Make Models has prepared countless presentation models which have received fantastic feedback from the architecture community predominantly due to their ability to capture an audience’s imagination and promote a renewed sense of enthusiasm in the work that lies ahead.

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  • Populos Kardinia Park

    Populos Kardinia Park 1:150, 2023

  • UNSW

    UNSW 1:75, 2020

  • Akin Atelier, Sydney Modern Shop

    Akin Atelier, Sydney Modern Shop 1:50, 2023

  • UNSW

    UNSW 1:500, 2020

  • Chrofi

    Chrofi 1:200, 2022

  • Vicinity Centres

    Vicinity Centres 1:200, 2023

  • Polly Harbison

    Polly Harbison 1:200, 2021

  • Smart Design Studio

    Smart Design Studio 1:100, 2018

  • Crone

    Crone 1:500, 2014

  • Cohen Leigh Architects

    Cohen Leigh Architects 1:50, 2020

  • Terroir, Penguin Parade

    Terroir, Penguin Parade 1:100, 2018

  • Cohen Leigh Architects

    Cohen Leigh Architects 1:50, 2020

  • Ashley Halliday

    Ashley Halliday 1:250, 2023

  • Architects Ink

    Architects Ink 1:200, 2023

  • Vicinity Centres

    Vicinity Centres 1:50, 2023

  • Khan Finch

    Khan Finch 1:500, 2018

  • UTS Goods Line

    UTS Goods Line 1:500, 2014


    CHROFI 1:500, 2014

  • Sydney Metro

    Sydney Metro 1:200, 2019

  • Polly Harbison

    Polly Harbison 1:200, 2022


    CHROFI 1:500,

  • Andrew Burges

    Andrew Burges 1:200, 2023

  • Eoghan Lewis Architects

    Eoghan Lewis Architects 1:350, 2019

  • Spring Street

    Spring Street 1:100, 2023

  • Cracknell & Lonergan

    Cracknell & Lonergan 1:200, 2023

  • Solid Timber Site model

    Solid Timber Site model 1:500, 2023

  • AJC

    AJC 1:500, 2023

  • U+I Building Studio

    U+I Building Studio 1:75, 2023

  • Group GSA

    Group GSA 1:100, 2022

  • Benn + Penna Architects

    Benn + Penna Architects 1:200, 2023

  • What materials do you work with for presentation models?

    We work with Timbers, Acrylics, Cards, Plastics, Laminates, 3D Prints, Casts and Laminates and many other whacky materials you may not usually consider a model-making material.. We love evolving our style and experimenting with new materials so we welcome any novel requests for your desired model making outcomes.

  • How much does an architectural presentation model cost?

    Presentation models vary in cost depending on what the intended outcome is and the presentation team you are trying to address. As such there isn’t a definitive price guide and we quote each project uniquely. Make Models prides itself on it’s ability to produce varied budgetary outcomes for clients depending on need. We have made presentation models in affordable materials like boxboard and foam which have been extremely well received by intended user groups. Similarly we’ve produced more intricate models in solid timbers and acrylics for bigger budgets. Please get in touch for how we can assist by providing us files for your project.

  • How quickly can you make a presentation model for a meeting?

    As with most things, the more time we have the better the final outcome will be. We’ve effectively produced quick model turnarounds in affordable materials like foams, laser cut elements and cardboards. Generally working with more premium materials like solid hardwoods, 3D prints or metals takes longer than less robust materials. Depending on your desired turnaround time and budget, Make Models can advise a realistic lead time once we’re provided with the required files for quoting.