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Marketing Models

Make Models understands that marketing new developments and selling off-the plan designs requires instilling a high degree of consumer confidence. People connect to physical objects not only because it helps them visualize yet-to-be built projects, but because the craftsmanship and attention to detail is a key experience in winning the trust of potential stakeholders, investors and buyers. Our marketing models have been centerpieces of high profile display suites which have gone on to break sales records, win marketing awards, and been featured in print media and television. We value a unique approach to model making. Our insights into current trends, helps our models stand out from the pack as something different, unique, well considered and beautifully crafted.

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  • PACE & SJB

    PACE & SJB 1:100, 2023

  • SJB & P-3 Living

    SJB & P-3 Living 1:50, 2022

  • Beulah

    Beulah 1:200, 2022

  • Topspring

    Topspring 1:100, 2022

  • Topspring

    Topspring 1:75, 2022

  • PACE + SJB

    PACE + SJB 1:100, 2020

  • Coronation Property + SJB, Ashbury Terraced

    Coronation Property + SJB, Ashbury Terraced 1:200, 2021

  • TOGA

    TOGA 1:75, 2023

  • Luigi Rosselli

    Luigi Rosselli 1:100, 2022

  • Mulpha

    Mulpha 1:100, 2021

  • Lansell Road

    Lansell Road 1:75, 2021

  • The Point

    The Point 1:1000, 2020

  • Woods Bagot and Coronation

    Woods Bagot and Coronation 1:200, 2021

  • Crown Group

    Crown Group 1:200, 2019

  • LAS Group

    LAS Group 1:100, 2018

  • Ceerose

    Ceerose 1:75, 2020

  • Coronation Property

    Coronation Property 1:20, 2021

  • Coronation Property

    Coronation Property 1:200, 2017

  • Sekisui + Pace

    Sekisui + Pace 1:1000, 2018

  • Orchard Piper

    Orchard Piper 1:75, 2022

  • How much does a marketing model cost?

    Marketing models have broad price ranges due to endless possibilities that can separate the pricing of one job to another. We encourage you to initiate a dialogue with us to see what can be achieved within your particular budget. All developments have different marketing budgets and we pride ourselves on our ability to craft tailored responses that correspond to different price points.

  • I’m hesitant to hire an interstate model maker, can you deliver outside of NSW?

    Make Models has regularly made models for interstate developments. Shipping sample models and prototypes is a fantastic way to instill confidence in the craftsmanship and quality of a model you are investing in. Virtual meetings are a great way to bounce ideas, and have shared screen discussions of 3D models. Further still, Make Models has regularly personally delivered models interstate to make sure no damage occurs and that installation on site is exactly as smooth and as easy as if it was done with a local supplier. Despite having a good reputation for turning things around very quickly, we encourage our clients to get in touch with us several weeks in advance to allow for the best possible outcomes and allow for a diverse range of material explorations. Naturally we work as quickly as required and value strict adherence to deadlines where projects need to go live.

  • What guarantees do you offer on your models?

    Our team takes great pride in our work, but we are aware that objects sitting in the public realm can sometimes get affected by wear and tear as well as accidents. We like to reassure our clients that we don’t just dust our hands off our models when they leave our building. If there are issues we endeavour to head out to site and accommodate any things that need replacing within the first 12 months, to make sure your investment has longevity.

  • Materials We Work With for Marketing Models:

    Marketing models can explore a wide range of materiality and should generally suit the aesthetic quality of the building being represented or the aesthetics of the display suite. Though hyper realistic like-for-like material representations may be a logical starting point, we find that people respond better to warmth of materiality b