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Crown Group – O’Dea Avenue, 2018, 1:150

Crown Group – O’Dea Avenue,  2018, 1:150

O’Dea Avenue,  2018, 1:150

The Mastery by Crown physical model was a series of buildings at 1:150 scale to showcase the new precinct to be developed by Crown Group as part of their Mastery Precinct in Green Square Sydney. The building designs represented were by Koichi Takada Architects, Silvester Fuller and Kengo Kuma. Each building had interactive apartment lighting for sales purposes and the model was built on a Koichi-Takada Designed plinth which integrated lighting to become a portable asset for the team as it was used at a launch event in Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion as well as the sales showroom at a later date.

Sales Technology: Display Sweet