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Solid Timber Model with delicate Brass details

Solid Timber Model with delicate Brass details

Nestled in the picturesque location of Hyams Beach in NSW, this steep site is the canvas for Chronis Builders‘ latest project.

Crafted from East Coast Australian wood, the Solid timber model underwent CNC milling and the building meticulous handcrafting, complemented by brass balustrade details etched in metal. Frosted acrylic windows, accented with glistening gold edges, seamlessly tying together the project’s finer elements.

Our team meticulously sanded and polished the model, finishing it with a wax coat to impart a luxurious silk-like texture to the angular wooden mass.

The model’s sharp exterior cut accentuates the site’s steep and distinctive profile.

We had the pleasure of meeting Chronis Builders in on a South Coast beach to hand over the model, following a refreshing swim and local juice—a celebration of the laid-back lifestyle promised to its future occupants.

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