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Twisting Towers Replicated in Model for Launch of Southbank by Beulah

Twisting Towers Replicated in Model for Launch of Southbank by Beulah

The Southbank By Beulah development in Melbourne is an exciting new project that combines cutting-edge architecture with a mix of theater, retail and residential spaces. To help prospective buyers fully understand the scheme, a highly detailed 1:200 scale model of the development was created. The model consisted of two twisting towers, designed by the renowned architectural firms UN Studio and Cox.

The model is a feature point in the sales journey as the doors open to the display suite, where agents use the model which is power by a wireless iPad and presentation to explain the scheme.

One of the biggest challenges in creating a model at this scale is capturing all the intricate details of the building. In the case of the Southbank By Beulah development, this included the twisting green spine that runs through the building, as well as the mixed-use theater and retail precinct. Additionally, the building’s facade needed to be highly reflective, mirror-like material that still clearly showed the details of the facade yet allow light to shine through.

To add an extra level of complexity, interactive lighting was used in the model both inside the tower, but also throughout retail precincts, theater precincts and along the green spine. This was achieved through a collaboration between Make Models and A-Customs. The model was assembled in Sydney and then delivered to Melbourne, where it was installed inside Beulah’s display suite.

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