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Make Models Masterclass for Design Institute of Australia

Make Models Masterclass for Design Institute of Australia

This March Make Models had the pleasure of hosting a Masterclass for the members of the Design Institute of Australia student council (DIA). Make Models were invited as part of the Masterclass Series which hosts a number of events each year for students to attend and feel connected and inspired by a wide variety of career opportunities with their developing design skills.

As architects turned makers, Celeste Raanoja and Nikola Kovac hosted the event in the hopes of inspiring the art of making into the student community. Over the course of a 3 hour event, a lecture was given, alongside inductions in laser cutting, 3D printing and CNC milling with min demonstrations of each occurring throughout the event.

The nights festivities were accompanied by wine, nibbles and lots of laughs as Celeste and Nikola encouraged students to put their new skills to work in a model making assembly challenge. Students were given a kit of parts out of acrylic, handed a tube of glue and other model making accessories and asked to assemble a miniature model of a building that doubles as a pen holder. Celeste and Nikola walked around teaching basic tips and tricks on gluing, clean joints, cleaning up joints and general craftsmanship. 

Fun was had all round despite the glue blobs and mess with most walking away with a sense of accomplishment and ease about how these skills could be applied to their semester’s coursework in their respective institutions. 

Big shout out to the DIA and Sarah Gillespie for putting Make Models forward for the event!

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