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Make Model’s Model Making Course for UTS featured in Architecture AU

Make Model’s Model Making Course for UTS featured in Architecture AU

Make Models recently had the pleasure of continuing their yearly elective Advanced Model Making at UTS. The course regularly helps Bachelor of Architecture students at UTS build their hand-making skills through a rigorous course which encourages exploration of model making practices that can sometimes be ignored in the semester rush.

Students experiment with foreign objects and interesting techniques such as casting, pigmentation, painting, metal work, 3D Printing and CNC routing to explore possibilities that may be applicable towards a future design project at university or deeper in the profession.

Make Models organised for this semester’s course to pair with the inaugural House Awards awards presentation night. With regular discussions with the team at House, coursework was created whereby students would work in teams to build a physical model of a previous recipient of the House Awards.

Students crafted architectural models of Auchenflower House by Vokes and Peters, Invisible House by Peter Stutchbury Architects, Darling Point Apartment by Chenchow Little, Bisley Place House by James Russell, House in Country by Virginia Kerridge Architect and Shearer’s Quarters by John Wardle Architects.

The course allowed students to work with the architects in a client relationship to produce models utilising their new model making skills. Certain groups produced models from metal, testing methods like soldering, forming, bending and rusting, to create different material qualities. Some groups used casting, experimenting with different mould indentations. Whilst others worked with timbers, using laser cutting, etching, CNC milling, veneering and experimenting with timber shavings, and traditional sawing techniques. Each model then utilized some or all of these techniques when given their case study house, as they now had new areas of material expertise from the experimentation process.

The awards night was held in the Ivy in Sydney’s CBD, with the models positioned along the entry way for the guest’s arrivals for the evening.

Link to the Article can be found here:

The following images of the event were taken by Anna Kucera.

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